PE – Change of clothes

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we have PE on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please could you ensure your child takes a change of clothes with them to school on these days. Today only 9 out of 30 children had their kit.

Thank you!


Dizzy with digital learning

We had a great time using technology to learn on Friday! We used Beebots to play giant stay safe snakes and ladders, Kahoot to test our internet safety knowledge, Codeapillars to practice our coding skills and Spheros to play 10 pin bowling and create a Jackson Pollock masterpiece!

Music Festival Excitement!NOW CONFIRMED!


Exciting news… We are entering the music festival this year with the competition PROVISIONALLY  NOW CONFIRMED for March 5th 1.30-4.30. You are welcome to book tickets to come along and watch -they are available through Eden Court. We are on first at 1.30 so will hopefully be back to school before 3pm. More info to follow in a full letter.

We are entering competition CH05 which is just singing -no dance moves or costumes you will be pleased to hear haha!

Click the links below to hear and practice our two songs:

What I Am – Sesame Street & Will I Am

Swallowed by a Snake – Singing Kettle

Enjoy these going round and round and round and round your heads now too haha!



Hello everyone!

Just wanted to pop up an example of the maths homework for this week in case the children get confused with the maths terms. Easy done as there are some fancy words!

If circles are finding the job difficult, stick to skip counting only 😊

Have a lovely weekend!

Please and thank you!

As you will have seen from the blog post in December, we are desperately trying to find sponsorship/donations to allow us to purchase two digital, Nikon B700 cameras and all their essentials, to allow our Mad Scientist, Miss Williamson, to set up and run a Camera Club.

This club is being set up to link in with the very public push towards encouraging children to engage with the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

We have big ideas for these cameras!

  • Camera club: During this after school club, the children will learn all about photography and editing. They will be able to take exciting pictures and edit them using specialist software on our Chromebooks. They will also be able to create short films and stop motion animation.
  • Outdoor learning: During outdoor learning sessions, classes or groups will be able to use the cameras to take nature shots or films to get to know the woodland and marshy areas around us up close and personally. These shots could include macros (up close, detailed shots) of our surroundings and all-encompassing shots of what we are getting up to. There is also the opportunity for small groups to create films about their special projects to show the rest of their class or the whole school.

These cameras can give children the chance to learn new skills, get excited about a potential new hobby, discover a talent they never knew they had, become enthused about the outdoors or animation or even just have a great time getting snap-happy! With photography qualifications now being offered in some secondary schools, this is an unmissable chance for children to get started and develop solid grass roots that can propel them towards a potential career!

We have set up a crowd funding page to allow anyone who might be able to help, to do so. The link to this is:  

We have had a few responses from people offering donations to a raffle or sale, but in this specific instance we are looking for contributions via the crowd funding page.

Many thanks in advance.